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Delivery, Senior Specialist

Job category:  Operations
Work location:  Home Based
Office location: 

Brussels, BE

Contract type:  Permanent
Job type:  Employee


  Languages: Dutch/ French (preferablly active knowledge of 1 of the 2 + passive knowledge, understanding the other language in meetings which are mainly in Dutch) + English

·         Knowledge:

o   Belgian post-payroll (Social security, tax monthly & yearly, Dimona, DMFA, DMFAPPL, Belcotax, FinProf), if possible for the Belgian public (federal) sector

o   NGA processes used post go-live, with the checks & controls that HRO is running before & after the declarations, functionality & steps we need to build extra for this,

o   Able to provide a WBS of all tasks to be done for the workstream “operations” so that we can plan properly for this workstream. For the design phase, I know where we have a gap now for the first project milestone (< design phase),  but then afterwards, for the build, test & cut-over phase, I don’t have an overview of the tasks that are needed to be done (so also not the kind of resources & the estimated number of days needed for this). I only have an overall budget of 200 days:;

ð  In other words to define what needs to be done to have NGA “up & running” from go-live


 Lead operations workstream: report to project manager, client-facing meetings

·    Blueprint work: workshops, creation blueprint documents in collaboration with the technical consultants, etc.

·    Process analysis  for the declarations mentioned above (steps, automation needed, additional checks needed...), in combination with how HRO Belgium is doing this now (< NGA processes) to describe how NGA will work, define additional checks needed to be developed in the system, where additional automation is needed e.g. for running 190 Police zones +/- at the same time

·    Define detailed WBS + assist project manager with planning (when this needs to be ready, how much time needed, nr of days need for the activity/task
=> based on this we can define further resourcing profile & needs

·    Reply to the customer regarding post payroll processes & NGA’s way of working post go-live

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